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Jay-Z The Black Album Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Album: Jay Z – The
Black Album

Reviewed By: Desert Eagle
Release Date: November 14th 2003
Rating: 9.5/10
1. Interlude
2. December 4th
3. What More Can I Say
4. Encore
5. Change Clothes
6. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
7. Threat
8. Moment Of Clarity
9. 99 Problems
10. Public Service Announcement (Interlude)
11. Justify My Thug
12. Lucifer
13. Allure
14. My 1st Song

Jay-Z "The Black Album" This cd is the grand
finale of a legendary rapper, who has grown up in the game and turn it
into his
own little play ground. Jay-Z has created Albums, Movies, Clothing Lines,
Film Company, He owns his own Vodka company, and is the CEO of his very
own, Roc-a-Fella Records. Jay-Z has worked with tons of artists and has
beefed with major competing artist, Nas, this was a beef that ran for
so long and after both of their recent albums they decide to stop wasting
time and make albums to entertain listeners and fans. Jay-Z has been known
for his smooth lyrical bombings over tracks produced by majorly talented
producers like Timbaland, Eminem, and Kanye West. This New York native
has had his moments in hip hop, and deserves to hang up his jersey with
an applause, but unfortunatly with this applause theres not an encore.
Be sure to get tickets to the "Victory Lap Tour" Jay-Z has embarked
upon because this is the last time he will be preforming around the world.
Pick up his book to "The Black Book". This is the list of producers
that have contributed their talents to the album of a great man, Just
Blaze, The Buchanans, Kanye West, The Neptunes, Timbaland, The 9th Wonder,
Eminem, Rick Rubin, DJ Quik, and Aqua and Joe 3h Weinberger. No guest
artist, besides quick imput from Sean Carter’s (Jay-Z) Mom on a track
called December 4th.

1) Interlude (Produced by Just Blaze). As the song starts
there is no music, it starts silent. Then the drums start off silently
until they work into a louder and louder produced song with a mild revolution
being spoken in the back, the track is a legacy to Sean from the mastermind
brain of top producer, Just Blaze. No real substance to this song or track
at all but the best way to start a finale cd.

2) December 4th (Produced by Just Blaze). The track
starts with Seans mom speaking about Seans background. The Track the bombs
out horns of victory and belts out a well paced drum beats, This track
is like Seans mom telling the listeners about how he grew up. Sean continues
to tell parts about his life, his mom leaves out. This song is about his
struggle of life without the comfort of a father in a house of 4 kids.
This is a song u cry too. Im proud to say that ive heard this song.

3) What More Can I Say (Produced by The Buchanans).
The songs starts out with a loud crowd cheering, Then with some war crying
horns and some well balancing drum hits the song starts. Jay-Z lets loose
making sure the production isnt the best thing on the track. Jay rhymes
a hardcore attack, and lets the world know this is the end of his career
as hip hops king.

4) Encore (Produced by Kanye West). The Encore sounds
like a song by a latino, and Jay-Z destroys the sound This song is really
amazing , it has a jazzy bounce to it. A well produced by Kanye West with
a jazzy drum beat and a mexican horn. Jay-Z Rhymes about how people are
begging him to stay but he wount because he’s retiring with his crown.
This song really is amazing check it out.

5) Change Clothes (Produced by The Neptunes). The first
single off The Black Album, Its a strong track to start off and of course
its an instant classic with a track backed by the Neptunes and a chorus
by the provoking voice of Pharrel. Jay-Z rhymes about his skill with girls
and clothing. Jay-Z blasts his rhymes and makes sure that he hits everyone
as hard as possible with it. This song is one of the best songs on the

6) Dirt Off your Shoulder (Produced By Timbaland). This
track is absolutly the production is awsome it sounds like an old stereo
is playing the beat, and the beat is fast and well made. Thats only the
production too, And yet theres more. Jay-Z creates a huge lyrical disaster
with his rhymes over this incrudible. What happens when u have a good
beat and good Rhymes? Yeah, thats right another amazing song by the king
of hip hop, Jay-Z.

7) Threat (Produced By 9th Wonder). It starts off with
some random guy making threats. Than Jay-Z comes out in a cool and smooth
voice, After his smooth talking threats he rhymes more threats. This Song
is so smooth that the production is just as smooth with a loud beat and
a quiet piano riff. This song is music you listen to while your beating
the crap out of someone, Almost like it should be on a fightclub album.
This song is so awsome and smooth.

8) Moment Of Clarity (Produced by Eminem). This song
is about having his time to talk about what he did and what happened to
him in his career, his moment of clarity. Eminem makes a huge production
effort on this track, with his violins and huge eat.
This song is amazing for both Eminem’s Production skills and Jay-Z’s massive
attack after attack on well Produced tracks. Listen to this song its truly
a masterpiece of true hip hop.

9) 99 Problems (Produced by Rick Rubin). This song is
about Jay-Z having 99 problems but a girl isnt one of them. This song
is hardcore rock and roll, with an old school feel to it. Jay-Z raps about
the problems he’s had with the law in his life and the problem with racist
stereo types. If you like the hardcore feel and a mix of perfection listen
to this song its depressing and uplifting at the same time.

10) Public Service Announcement (Produced by Just Blaze).
The song starts out quiet. The song continues on with Jay-Z rapping about
how he’s gonna make history with his final album and how his legacy will
always continue on. Theres no chorus its replaced by a real public service
announcement.This song has a good production but isnt the strongest song
on the album.
Check it out still you may like it but you make not.

11) Justify My Thug (Produced by DJ Quik). With a song
produced by DJ Quik you know the track is nuts right off the bat. Than
with hip hops ruler rapping over it theres no way this song can be bad
at all. The Production starts off as a slow drum beat
with an odd phazer in the back ground and a big bass hit. Jay-Z causes
Havoc on this track as he rhymes madly. This song is
definatly a song to check out, so go and check it out.

12) Lucifer (Produced by Kanye West). The song has a
Raggae feel to it with the chorus randomly showing up through out the
song and a production with a small piano rift and a small drum beat. Jay-Z
than proceeds to rhyme and continues to kill tracks by everyone. This
song is an excellent song if your hanging out by the beach and just want
to dance the night away with a sexy chick in a bikini.

13) Allure (Produced by The Neptunes). Pianos show up
everywhere along this track and is about the main part of the production
with a smooth beat. This track is a tickler with its smooth rhymes from
Jay about girls. The Neptunes create classics and maybe thats why most
of the best tracks are made by the neptunes. Again listen to this if you
like it as much as i do you’ve felt the true essence of Jay-Z’s Black

14) My 1st Song (Produced by Aqua And Joe 3h Weinberger).
It’s Funny how his 1st song is his last song, well maybe he tells us why
his first song is his last so im not gonna spoil alot on this song cause
you have to listen for yourself but if im to judge this song im gonna
say its rugged with a nice electric strings production and a rugged drum
beat with clashes of cymbols and bass drums. Jay-Z murders the hell out
of this track and makes this the most memorable song ive ever heard. Make
sure you listen to this song no matter how you do it listen to it.

Overall this Cd is well made extremly perfected production and an amazing
set of rhymes, that ensure Jay-Z’s place in the hip hop History books,
as the ruler of hip hop and the empire of the music industry. Jay-Z has
been on for the long run and thinks his time has run out but his music
will never stop. Years from now you’ll be hearing "its a hard knock
life" In all prisons, or "Renegade" in Cars all around
the ghettos of the world. Wake up and understand that music never dies.
We will miss you Jay-Z good luck.
Overall 9.5/10