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Obie Trice Cheers Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Album: Obie Trice – Cheers
Reviewed By: James

Release Date: September 23rd 2003
Rating: 9 / 10
Track Song Name


Average Man
02 Cheers
03 Got Some Teeth
04 Hey Lady
05 Dont Come DOwn
06 The Set Up
07 Bad Bitch
08 Shit Hits the Fan
09 Follow My Life
10 We All Die Someday
11 Spread Your Shit
12 Look Into my Eyes
13 Hands on You
14 Hood Rats
15 Oh!
16 Never Forget Ya
17 Outro

It’s here at last! The long awaited debut album
from Obie Trice. Cheers features production from Eminem, Dr. Dre and Timbaland.
For those who don’t know, Obie has been around the underground scene
for some time now with tracks such as “Respect”, “Dope
Jobs Homeless”, “The Well Known Asshole” and “Synopsis”.
More recently Obie has appeared in a skit on the first D12 LP as well
as doing tracks for the 8 Mile Soundtrack alongside Eminem and 50 Cent
and appearing in the song “Drips” on The Eminem Show. Obie
also appeared on the soundtrack to Cradle 2 The Grave with DMX. Fans of
Obie have been waiting a long time for Obie to spit his unique style on
this latest Shady Records Release. So how does it sound? Here’s
a rundown of each track:

(01) Average Man. Not one of the best songs, but good
nonetheless. A slow beat and hard lyrics to set up the tone of the album.

(02) Cheers. The title track to the album. Obie makes
a toast to all his fallen comrades. Great chorus and some fantastic lyrics
tell us a bit more about Obie’s life. 9/10

(03) Got Some Teeth. The first single from the album
which many of you will have heard by now. Another great chorus and a great
song too. 8.5/10

(04) Hey Lady (Featuring Eminem). The sequel to Drips
from The Eminem Show. This song has a fantastic beat and great verses
from both Em’ and Obie. The pair once again touch on their relationships
with women and Em’ spits more venom at Kim. 9.5/10

(05) Don’t Come Down. Possibly my favourite song
from the whole album. This song tells the story of Obie’s life from
childhood to today, it talks about his drug dealing past and the relationship
with his mother. This track sounds a little like “Sing For The Moment”
from the Eminem Show. It’s also got one of the best choruses from
the whole CD. A great song. 10/10

(06) The Set Up (Featuring Nate Dogg). As usual Nate
drops a smooth chorus but this is not one of my favourite songs. 8/10

(07) Bad Bitch. Another fantastic beat, provided by
Timbaland this time. Complemented well by a great flow from Obie. 7.5/10

(08) Shit Hits The Fan (Featuring Dr. Dre
and Eminem). A diss track aimed mainly at Ja Rule featuring
harsh lyrics from Dre “Pussy you’re not Pac, I knew him, Pac
was a real nigga, you’re just a fuckin’ insult to him”.
With Em’ doing the chorus and Dre making the beats this is a great
addition to the album. 8.5/10

(09) Follow My Life. Another of my favourite tracks,
this track has an amazing beat with a slight rock guitar riff. Obie raps
a bit more about his past and childhood days, but this time a bit harder
than before. Turn this song up loud. 10/10

(10) We All Die One Day (Featuring 50 Cent,
Lloyd Banks
and Eminem). With this combination
of artists, how could a song fail? Eminem spits a great verse aimed at
his enemies once again. 9/10

(11) Spread Your Shit (Featuring Kon Artis
From D12). Another nice beat and a very nice chorus. Not one of the best
songs but still good. 8.5/10

(12) Look Into My Eyes (Featuring Nate Dogg)
Obie’s definition of gangsta rap. Once again this song comes hard
with great beats and yet another fantastic chorus from Nate. 9/10

(13) Hands On You (Featuring Eminem).
Eminem does the chorus on another song dedicated to the women in their
lives. Once again this song has an awesome beat with that unique Shady
production style. 9.5/10

(14) Hoodrats. The name says it all. A song about hoodrats
with a skit intro featuring yet more of Obie’s women. 8/10

(15) Oh! (Featuring Busta Rhymes).
Once again a nice beat and a great chorus from Busta himself. Big shame
that Busta only did the chorus and didn’t spit a verse on this track.

(16) Never Forget Ya. A more chilled out track here
where Obie makes shout outs to all his lost friends. Nice chilled beat
with a guitar riff going on and some really nice lyrics. 9.5/10

(17) Outro (Featuring D12) A big surprise
here. I expected the outro to be a few second long skit, but this outro
is a 4 minute track featuring a sick verse from Eminem and an even sicker
verse from Bizarre. A great end to the album. 10/10

Overall this album is pure fire. With some of the best beats I have ever
heard on a hip hop album, production and collaborations from the best
in the game right now and of course pure raw talent from a great up and
coming rapper. This album deserves to be a huge hit, with this in mind
I find it sad that Cheers has had much less hype than 50 did with Get
Rich Or Die Tryin’. Of course Eminem’s name on the cover always
helps to sell records, but Obie’s great talent shines through on
every track and this should not be overlooked.
This album also show’s how Em’s production talents are progressing
as he aims for Dre like perfection once again.

Another classic CD from the unstoppable Shady Records and not one to
be missed.