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Sheek Louch – Walk Witt Me

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Album: Sheek Louch
– Walk Witt Me

Reviewed By: Desert Eagle
Release Date: September 16th 2003
Rating: 9/10
Track Song Name
01 For You
02 OK
03 Turn It Up
04 How Many Guns
05 In/Out (S.P.) – (featuring Styles P.)
06 I Ain’t Forget
07 Walk Witt Me
08 Crazzy
09 Ten Hut – (featuring Jadakiss)
10 How I Love You – (featuring Styles P.)
11 3-5-4 (Tarrentino)
12 Don’t Mean Nuthin’
13 D-Block – (featuring J-Hood)
14 Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up) – (featuring Jadakiss/Styles

Sheek Louch is the third member of the lox and the third
to release his solo album. If you don’t know who the lox are you
have probably been shot at for like I don’t know, 7 years and haven’t
had enough covering fire to run to the local music store to get any of
the Ruff Ryders albums. Just imagine a powerful black version of George
bush, minus the war crazed mind and the monkey face and add the ability
to dress and rhyme like a machine gun, and you’ve got your self one of
the most promising hip hop artists to date. Sheek Louch’s debut album
walk with me is the master work of D-Block the record label for CEO Jadakiss,
and Styles P and new member of the D-Block family, J-Hood. If you’re
looking for a smooth and concentrated Rhyme and production pick up this
album. Sheek Louch has been on the mixtape circuit for sometime waiting
for the right time to drop an album worthy of the D-Block approved stamp.
Ruff ryders could not have picked up a better young gun, Sheek is a powerful
investment spitting rhymes about the streets, slanging crack and popin
cops. This isn’t no party album this is an album of truth. No one
does it like Sheek his rhymes are tight and voice is thick. Featured artist
on this album include Styles P, Jadakiss, Tarrentino, and J-Hood. This
albums lack of guest artists lets you feel the realness of a true solo
artist, this album will get u addicted to the hood almost like a disease
and if you haven’t heard a hip hop artist, Sheek Louch is a good
start to the hip hop culture he aint no ride dick fake ass gangster this
is straight from and by the street shit.

(1) For You. This is the intro to what promises to be
the soundtrack to the streets, Chipmunk voice introduces a mad rhyme by
Sheek over a piano assisted beat. This is the story of when he was signed
to bad boy records with Diddy and B.I.G. Overall just a small start to
a big album.

(2) Ok. OK, this track is essentially a party track
about injustices of revenge. Sax blasts and twinkles from a cymbal are
the tight production that protects Sheek’s reputation for keeping it street.
His rhymes are long and tight and full of mystic vibes that no one can
copy. Don’t be hating, OK.

(3) Turn It Up. DAMN homie a track so tight it will
heat up a freezer room full of crack. Pretty much the start of what is
the street shit. The beast inside Sheek is let out in rhyme as he murders
the rest of the streets and the fake gangsters. The Production is a distorted
phazer and massive drum beat that screams at you till your deaf and pissing
your pants.

(4) How Many Guns. Another insomniac track, this has
to be the takeover of DMX after he leaves the game. The Anthem for thugs
and people who just plan like guns. You can’t but help get mesmerized
but the production and the rhyme it takes you over and makes you do things
you wouldn’t ever imagine doing. This track will keep you awake
for a month at least. Violins are seductive and get you off mentally.

(5) In/Out (S.P.) (Featuring Styles P). This track you
will hear full out power its 2 members or the lox blowing out punches
from a speaker box. Rhymes are like bullets and they’re coming for your
ears. Complete bananas so hardcore, I wish I could say the production
matched the hardcore rhymes but unfortunately we don’t see the maximum
hardcore ness in this song. Some Caribbean metal drum sounds and then
a twizzled beat. Other then the production song is worth the time.

(6) I Ain’t Forget. Kind of slow but still a very good
song, its deep in its meaning the rhyme is a verbal thanks. Speaks on
how bad boy didn’t show his true potential and he was just signed
there to live a glittered life style (no Mariah Carey pun involved at
all). Ruff Ryders came up and rehabilitated his lifestyle into the mad
rapper he is now. This song is a thank you to the people who believed
in Sheek and let him be who he is supposed to be. Strong song and Strong
production. I Thank You Sheek.

(7) Walk Witt Me. This song scenario is on every Hip
Hop CD out; this is a pain song, a cry for help. This is a song about
how he grew up and a look into his child hood. It’s the pain that
makes this song an essence of what true hip hop is. If you love hip hop
and its pain this song is what keeps true artist like Sheek Louch a true

(8) Crazzy. This song starts off as a skit not really
appealing, i have said this before and ill say it again skits aren’t
suppose to be on a hip hop album they should keep it pure music. Fortunately
for this skit it ends and turns into a good head banging piano rifted
blazer, Sheek Louch describes himself as a platinum hungry nut that will
kill for the position reign and ruler of hip hop. If you believe it, it
could actually happen, some day.

(9) Ten Hut (Featuring Jadakiss). Sheek and Jadakiss,
you know from the name, they command you from now on. This song is moving
and powerful horns and assault rifle firing rhymes ripping holes through
the track. If you don’t wear your bulletproof vest you’re gonna
wake up in an abandon hospital. This song is what defines Sheek and Jadakiss
as mainstream maniacs.

(10) How I Love You (Featuring Styles P). We love you
too, Sheek we love you too. This song is deep and shows the softer side
of Sheek that is until he calls his girl a bitch. Then he continues to
talk about his girl and how he’s loved her since grade 3, plotting what
he would say when he met her. Kind of romantic in a creepy sense. The
Styles P completes this track by interweaving with the piano and the young
women on the track. Track is wild out and another for the ladies .

(11) 3-5-4 (Featuring Tarrentino). A mafia styled song
starts at the end like any good murder suspense novel involving mobs.
Sheek spits a mission of how he’s going to seek out and find what he’s
looking for and how he’s going to cap anyone who gets in the way. Truly
God Father and Scarface inspired song. Truly a classic.

(12) Don’t Mean Nothing (Featuring Styles P and J-Hood).
Styles, Sheek, Jadakiss and J-Hood Kill another track. Song is like a
fight song, this is the ghetto version of Eye of the Tiger. A motivational
song for anyone who doesn’t believe in them selves, this song flows
power. A Powerful track with powerful production.

(13) D-Block (Featuring J-Hood). Another Caribbean inspired
production, with gun shots in the background and a crowd of hip hops finest
screaming D-Block!! An Anthem for the hood. If your looking for a song
to listen to well riding the streets, grab this cd and full blast this
song at the chorus and you will pick up any young D-Block influenced hood
rat within a 3 mile radius.

(14) Mighty D-Block (Featuring Jadakiss, Styles P and J-Hood).
THIS SONG IS WHAT THE ALBUM IS ABOUT. The song is visual blasts of how
mighty D-Block really is , Guns and Black Legends in a song I would consider
to influence blocks upon blocks of hip hops finest admirers. A DJ Green
Lantern perfection with Rhymes that blow bullet whole through any armored
vehicle. You Can’t Stop THE D-BLOCK. Best song on the album and
the runner up for beat Anthem ever made, quite possibly the best but not

Overall this cd is a mix of emotions, from the streets, to the clubs,
to the cd deck of your Cadillac. This song is a great cd to complete any
cd collection. I suggest you run around yelling D-Block cause their next
in line after Sheek blows away charts. Although this cd could have been
expanded and songs could have been added but I can’t complain the
lack of songs are made up by the power of the songs.

Mighty, Mighty, D-Block, thou shall not fail.