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The Simpsons Hit and Run Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Simpsons Hit and Run Review

Platform: PC, GC, PS2, XBox
Release Date:
September 16th 2003
Final Rating: 8.5 /10

Simpsons Hit and Run is the Simpsons Game that we have all
being waiting for. After mild titles in the past like Road Rage and Simpsons
Skateboarding they finally hit the spot with this one. The movies in between
the missions are written by the Simpsons writing team with all the original
voices which really adds structure to the game. They are not to short
and animated beautifully, later on you can go back and watch the movies
again. It starts off with the trademark begining …the simpsons……
than before it continues going on with the intro a bunch of wasps come
up. It puts you in there angle and its like a security camera looking
out and the wasp flies through town and into the window of the Simpson’s
house. Where Homer slaps the wasp breaking the camera. Why are these wasps
hidden cameras? Who’s behind this? Why would someone put hidden cameras
in a wasp? Thats what you are trying to find out throughout this action
packed suspenseful game.

You start off in a tutorial level as Homer. As Homer you
run around finding missions to complete. You dont have to do missions
right off the bat though you can go and steal cars, hit people, destroy
stuff and collect tokens. You need tokens to buy new cars and other outfits
later on in the game. Like Grand Theft Auto there is other objectives
while you are playing the game some of those include destroying "wasp
cameras" and "street racing". After you complete three
street races in the level you will get a new car. Once you pass seven
missions you move on to the next level. Between each level another movie
will be played making the game’s plot expand. Also you switch characters
between each level to whatever is happening in the movie it leads to someone
else having to do something.

Level 1: Homer
This is by far the easiest level they give you ample time to do everything
and you really should not have any problems with this. If you have played
Grand Theft Auto before it should take you about 20 mins to complete this
whole level. It gives you the basics but I still found it to easy even
for a tutorial level.

Level 2: Bart
This is where things start get even better. His car is his soap
box derby car the ‘Honor Roller’ and is vastly better than any cars Homer
had. This one you have to collect alot of things by talking to various
people like Moe, Snake and Ralph to name a few.

Level 3: Lisa
There is something about Lisa’s voice that just annoys me. So i tried
to finnish these missions as fast as possible. Her last mission on this
level is one of the easiest all you do is smash a limo up with the school
bus and it is done.

Level 4: Marge
This level has the most collecting but it is done so in chase form. You
chase cars and they drop items you do this for 3 of the missions. These
levels start to go up in difficulty highly you will be spending some time
as Marge.

Level 5: Apu
Just when you are applauding the ammount of new voice bits they did for
the game you become Apu. Which seems they only have recorded 2-3 sound
bits and replay them over and over again. I personally dont think Apu
should have been one of the characters in the game he didnt fall into
it as good as even Ned, Krusty or even Chief Wiggum would have. If they
are going for a different character outside of the Simpsons. But all in
all these were the challenging missions that when you look back on you
are glad you dont have to do again.

Level 6: Bart
One mission in particular was the hardest mission i found in the whole
game. Mission 6: Set To Kill, you have to buy the Globex Super Villian
Car from Kearny than destroy all the Laser Gun Stands than return to Krustylu
Studios. Well in order to return back to Krustylu Studios you have to
take every short cut back or else you will run out of time. This takes
you a few hundred times of driving around to complete. But playing as
Bart always feels better than playing as Apu so this level isnt as boring
as Apu’s.

Level 7: Homer
The last level of the game, all of Springfield is now zombiefied and looks
like something right out of Tree House Horrors. Alot of new cars including
Witches riding around on brooms which you can steal. Or my personal favorite
the riding coffin. You end up destroying the main space alien ship with
nuclear waste, where you end up doing that for three missions. That was
the only problem with this level was the repetition in the missions, almost
like they couldnt think of anything else? All in all though a great ending
to the game and a great ending movie.

Overall if you are Simpsons fan you will love this game.
Even if you dont like Simpsons alot(theres people that dont?) there is
enough things to keep you happy with this game. They combine aspects from
racing games, action games, and even puzzle games. Simpsons Hit and Run
will keep you on your toes and up for days.