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True Crime: Streets of LA Soundtrack

Posted By on January 15, 2005

True Crime

Album: True Crime:
Streets of La Soundtrack

Release Date: In Stores Now
Rating: 6.8/10
1. Dance Wit Me – Snoop Dogg
2. Terrorist Threat – West Side Connection
3. Don’t Fight The Pimpin’ – Suga Free
4. What U Wanna Do – Warren G Feat RBX
5. True Crime Remix (The New West Edition) – Young Dre, Bishop
Lamont, Black
6. I’ll Do Anything – Damizza, N.U.N.E.
7. Thug Night (Let Me See Something) – Jay-o-Felony
8. Hollywood – Bizzy Bone
9. Drinks In The Air – Hollywood
10. Don’t Do The Crime – Kam feat. Cavie & Above the Law

11. Legends – Boo Ya Tribe
12. They Don’t Know – Dee Dimes Feat. Bigg Swoop
13. Flow – Sly Boogy
14. This Is How We Live – Lil_Dead, Showtime, Kon-troversy
& Quicktomac
15. We Don’t Stop – Soul Star
16. Can’t Fuck With Us – Big Tray Deee, Short Khop & Threat

17. Do Time – Pomona City Rydaz Feat. Lil_Dead
18. Roll Wit Me – Young Billionaires
19. Cali Folks – Stylistik
20. Get Crackin’ – Lil’ Easy

The soundtrack after the popular video game "True
Crime: Streets of LA
". The album consists of original tracks
that appeared on the game. This is only the first of a 2 part installment
of hot tracks from the game. As a nice bonus on the front of the cd it
boasts that you will get the secret game code to unlock Snoop Dogg in
True Crime for all systems.

1) Dance With Me / Snoop Dogg (2:59)
No surprise but another laid back track from the Doggfather.
It contains samples from Marvin Gaye, and is produced by Gold Fingaz.
The hook will be sure to stick in your head…Dance with me dance with
me dance with meeeeeeee. Is the perfect song for all the thug r&b
guys out there trying to set the mood with there lady.

2) Terrorist Threat / Westside Connection (2:29)
Westside Connection is back boasting that ‘I can make a promise right
now to take your life’. Looks like nothing has changed in there seven
years of dorment. Ice Cube lays down the hook and makes you bob your head.

3) Don’t Fight The Pimpin’ / Suga Free (3:03)
With funkadelic beats laid down behind this Eazy-E / Snoop Dogg
sounding pimp. Makes you feel like you are still in the 70s or at least
watching Undercova Brotha. It’s produced by the legendary DJ Quik.

4) What U Wanna do / Warren G. Feat. RBX (4:08)
RBX on the hook, Warren on the beat and the rhymes this is a colab that
could never go sour. Turn it up and go mack some ladies with this track

5) True Crime Remix (The New West Edition) / Young Dre, Bishop
Lamont, Black & Sixx John (4:06)
Song comes with raw lyrics and a unoriginal beat with sirens
on it. This song is one that you can deffinitally look at when you are
angry and want to tear some shit up. Or shoot some people..IN THE GAME

6) I’ll Do Anything / Damizza, N.U.N.E. (3:18)
Damizza how you do that there. This guy needs to be doing more
peoples beats this guy lays down some original beats. His lyrics coulda
had some work though they seemed to be rushed out.

7) Thug Night (Let Me See Something) / Jay-O-Felony (4:17)
‘Its like a Huh holiday everyday and im bumpin and imma keep
you and your homegirls cummen’ huh damn this track comes on point. With
hot lyrics and a thought out hook.

8) Hollywood / Bizzy Bone (4:20)
Everybody’s favorite Bone, Bizzy comes with his high voice anticts
once again. The beat is lacking for a Bizzy song, to much bass drums and
snare and not enough of other things. "Never move to hollywood just
keep it real"

9) Drinks in the Air / Hollywood (3:11)
Is this Jagged Edge? You might ask that when you hear this track
but no it is not. The guys in the track really are lacking on there Jagged
Edge rip off voices.

10) Don’t Do The Crime / Kam Feat. Cavie & Above the Law
A hook that will sure to give you a headache if the beat doesnt
give you one first. Yes by know you have probally guessed what they say
in the hook also, dont do the crime if you cant do the time, never heard
that one before big ups for originallity.

11) Legends / Boo Ya Tribe (3:54)
Battlecat on the beat its gotta be hot. Boo Ya explains how they
are legends up in the game.

12) They Don’t Know / Dee Dimes Feat. Bigg Swoop (3:47)
With a high pitched ‘we come straight from the westcoast *******
know how we rollllll’ . This track will be sure to keep your feet tapping
during the hook.

13) Flow / Sly Boogy (4:04)
With a Neptune feel to it but keeping it Westcoast, produced
by King Tech of the Wake up Show. This is a good example of the stereotypical
westcoast song spark an l to.

14) This is how we live / Lil_ Dead, Showtime, Kon-troversy &
Quicktomac (4:24)
Heeeyyyyyyyyy Alright beat with what you would expect from the

15) We Don’t Stop / Soul star (3:27)
This Missy clone is not playing. She comes out hard with tite
lyrics and a futuristic beat.

16) Can’t Fuck With Us / Big Tray Deee, Short Khop & Threat
Straight Gangster Shit Period. This song is one of the best on
the album.

17) Do Time / Pomona City Rydaz Feat Lil_ Dead (4:02)
With a Westside Connection feel to it these hard hitting lyricists
talk about doing time.

18) Roll Wit Me / Young Billionaires (3:08)
Is this the Mickey Mouse Club? You wonder that with this group.
I think they are reffering to there big wheels ‘rolll wit meeee dip thru
the city with me’ …in my big wheel i got twankys on it.

19) Cali Folks / Stylistik (4:06)
Starts out with a little skit and quickly into talking about
how they are cali folks.

20) Get Crackin’ / Lil’ Eazy E (3:42)
With spelling his name wrong on the back (easy instead of eazy)
you cant expect much but somehow lil e surprises you. E starts off giving
props to his pops. With a Bone Thug combined with Eazy-E feal to it you
are sure to vibe with this one.