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Tupac Ressurection Soundtrack Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Album: Tupac Ressurection Soundtrack
Reviewed By: Desert Eagle
Release Date: November 11th 2003
Rating: 9.5/10
Track Song Name
01 Intro
02 Ghost
03 One Day At A Time – (featuring Eminem/Outlawz, Em’s version)
04 Death Around The Corner
05 Secretz Of War
06 Runnin’ (Dying To Live) – (featuring Notorious B.I.G.)
07 Holler If Ya Hear Me
08 Starin’ Through My Rear View
09 Bury Me A G
10 Same Song
11 Panther Power
12 Str8 Ballin’
13 Rebel Of The Underground
14 Realist Killaz, The – (featuring 50 Cent)

One of the greatest rappers in the history of the world has made so many records when he was alive and now when he is dead, go figure. The fact that he’s “Dead” has brought up many theories on Tupac, is he dead, or is he on to a huge relgious type comeback were he comes back and takes hip hop out of its slump by getting rid of bubble gum rappers? No one knows, but we do know that dead or alive, his music will live on. Tupac has a new album/soundtrack for his documentary movie. Pac Narates his whole experience in the movie. This soundtrack introduces some new sounds to recent Pac fans. With 3 tracks produced by rap king of detriot, Eminem, and guest appearence on the album include the Outlawz (Pacs old crew), 50 Cent and None other than Eminem him self. Years and Years of Pac makes you think, will this dead hip hop artist ever stop banging out album after album, track after track? The answer is unknown but with this new soundtrack, the answer is theres no stopping the dead, the dead have alot to say and when they talk theres no stopping them, but in this case its a good thing. If your looking for a song of classics and remakes this album does wonders for you ears.

1) Intro. Tupac’s album starts out with an intro of his rugged voice ” Yes, This is the Pinnicle of all adults, Now this is the next level with this new album.” This quote is taken from when Tupac pronounced his Mackevelli period. Just a little skit not trying to be funny, more of a serious skit so i guess its all good.

2) Ghost. Tupac’s first song on the album, Produced by Eminem. The album starts off with pac annoucing his Mackavelli, The his voice turns into an evil voice. The voices follows him through the rest of the song. Pac belts out rhyme after rhyme of magic over a huge powerful and pounding beat. This song is a classic story of how tupac lived through trials and tribulations of the horror story they call the streets. Excellent song. Newspaper reads, “Tupac Does It Again, Ghost” this song is off the chain.

3) One Day At A Time (Feat. Eminem and The Outlawz). Gunshots couldnt drown out this song, its a powerful mix of Pacs original and rough rugged voice blended with Eminems production and his angry rhymes and a mixture of the badass Outlawz rhymes. This song is about the revolution of everyone, how people and rappers grow one day at a time, and how they grow to realize that theres people not only in high classes, but that in the streets there is people suffering. They suffer nightmares about being killed in their sleep. Tupacs song sends a good message on thug life and all life. This song is instantly one of the best songs on the album.

4) Death Around The Corner. Pacs prediction of death coming for him around a street corner. Pacs rhyme strive to stay away from death and to envoke death on bringers of death. He talks to protect himself and his Hommies. Pac rhymes over a classic piano piece and a fact paced beat. A masterpiece painted by the voice of the street…. Tupac.

5) Secertz Of War (Feat. The Outlawz). The Song starts out with the devilish badass rhymes of the Outlawz. The song is a choice to people who are either down with Pac and the Outlawz or their not. This song is a propaganda song for the west coast to swallow up and follow the black jesus, Pac. This song is a classic banging joint that is nuts and continues to swell my ears with flavour.

6) Runnin’ (Dying To Live) (Feat. Notorious B.I.G.). This is the odd couple of rap, Biggy and Pac. This song is almost like the 2 dead people have reunited to create a painting of their lives with a perfect chorus “Why Am I Dying To Live, When Im Just Living To Die”. Eminem has produced one of the best songs anyone has ever heard, this song will make you cry and at the same time belt out your own verse about your own experiences. This song is why rappers like DMX, Jadakiss, Obie Trice, and Ja Rule became rappers. Best Song on the album and of all time.

7) Holler If You Hear Me. Old School beat with a side of Pac madness. This song will make everyone who loves the old school feel tear up and breakdown like little babies. This song is of musical excellence. This is a party song for street clubs. People will dance to this song forever.
He’s making history and i aint hating.

8) Starin Through My Rear View (Feat. The Outlawz). This is classic soft Pac production. Pac has always made huge exploding and damaging tracks, but a pac album isent complete without a track that has a heavenly beat to it. Pac rhymes hardcore over a track that is slow and mellow. The Outlawz make another appearence to a song that they only help make a classic. If theres a song that makes you feel sad or you need to listen to a sad song this song is your mood and when u listen it takes all problems away. Its deep.

9) Bury Me A G (Feat. The Outlawz). Another mello song that starts out with its oldschool feel. Pac creates a moody atmosphere with an R&B feel to it. the soulfull songs will fill your ears with sympathetic rhymes from both Pac and the Outlawz. Pac talks about not messing with bitches and hos.

10) Same Song (Feat. Digital Underground). This isnt a Pac song its a song by Digital Underground as a tribute to Tupac and his trials and tribulations through life. Pac is being remembered by everyone. Pac is in the song and creates a helping rhythme but this is more of a Digital Underground paying homage to Pac.

11) Panther Power. Pac has created an oldschool anthem for the Black Panther power movement group. This song is talking about how the african-american people are being discriminated against ever since they were slaves for lazy redneck bastards. “The American Dream, Was An American Nightmare” Pack rhymes to an audience who agrees with the evilness of the white people against black. This is the song of movement and how Pac stands up and is proud to announce is Black Panther roots.

12) Str8 Ballin. A Slow paced production with a smooth beat. Pac rhymes softer and slowed on this track. This is a slow dancing rap track by the true Don Mackavelli. Pac blows away the slow track with his sweet rugged sounding voice. This track is for all the ballers to listen to and pick up the ladies.

13) Rebal Of The Underground. Pac rhymes over a jazzy and hip hop track with a sample of Na Na Nah Boo Boo on the piano. Pac is tanking the hell out of the track by Rhyming over and over again with huge power, his voice is nuclear. This is one artist whos voice will start voices and will keep haunting you even after he’s dead. Dont mess with Pac and his ghost wount mess with you. This track plays tricks with you mind.

14) The Realest Killaz (Feat. 50 Cent). This song is a series of loud smacks of a drum, the beat sounds like a death twitch for you brain. This production will leave you day dreaming in your soiled boxers. The Rhyme by Pac sounds so angry its like he snaps your neck and is nice about it. 50 joins in after making disses to Ja Rule calling him the “The Pac Wanna-Be” and of course 50 sends out made rhymes and kills the track along side his dead hero Tupac Shakur. This song is one of the best songs ive heard.

Tupac has worked with a range of artist, whether he knows it or not. Pac is the most influencial artist in the history of Hip Hop. He’s started wars, he’s ended wars, he’s created hits and he’s destroyed people who dont. Pac lives on in this movie and soundtrack. When this soundtrack comes out go to your retailer and buy on for yourself and someone whos never listened to hip hop in their lives and let them listen to it. All i can say now is Rest In Peace Pac. Your a legend and your Legacy will live on forever.