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Joe Budden and Royce Drop Benzino Diss 40/40

Posted By on January 22, 2010

   The ever going rap beef between super group Slaughterhouse and former "the source" head honcho “Benzino“. In a new track leaked today entitled "40/40" Joe Budden and Royce Da 5’9 reply to Benzinos trash diss record Slaughterhouse Killaz.

   Budden leads the track off by talking an intro instructing.

“Welcome to the 40/40 age limit and dress code, no 80 year old rappers and no muther fuckin wallet chains and tight pants and colorful shirts”

   Royce hits them hard on the first verse even making mention to Eminem/Shady Records (“I don’t need backing so there’s no need for Shady“). Royce has previously responded to Benzino by showing him his gun which is some sort of rocket/grenade launcher [see Royce Da 5’9 Has Rocket Launcher For Benzino]

“That motherfucking beef ain’t new to us … get off my computer nuts — stretch a n*gga out like he Rosa Acosta, no, you blew it — let’s do it, I’ll hit you with the Waka Flocka Flame/I don’t need backing so there’s no need for Shady, there’s no need for police, your homies, your lady, we can lace ’em up, pay-per-view however you wanna do it and donate all the proceeds to Haiti — I got n*ggas in Boston that got my back and gon’ assist me like Rajon Rondo…”

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