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J-Hood Continues To Diss Slaughterhouse

Posted By on June 29, 2009

    Former D-Block member J-Hood continues to call out Slaughterhouse and members Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9 and Crooked I. [watch here] "N*ggas thought I wasn't gon' say nothing, like I wasn't gonna address it," Hood said [watch here] "F*ggot a** H*e Buddens, Joyce Da 5'9 and motherf*cking, what's that n*gga's name? Slanted I, Crooked I, whatever the f*ck your name is my n*gga. Y'all n*ggas are a** my n*gga. Y'all n*ggas are rolling with a n*gga that got a n*gga locked up, got the homie Ransom locked up after he went to your homie's house and smacked the sh*t outta him, he ain't smack the sh*t outta him, his man smacked the sh*t outta him. Next couple days after that the n*gga was locked up. I don't want no beef with y'all n*ggas, you getting n*ggas locked up. Plus y'all n*ggas is 30 plus my n*gga. Old head a** n*ggas. 'Pump Pump Pump It Up,' f*ck outta here…You and your mans talking that Slaughterhouse bullsh*t, get outta here with that. You trying to come at Method Man and Wu-Tang, they paved the way for you. How the f*ck you gonna try to disrespect a legend?" [watch here]

    In related news, Slaughterhouse recently performed live. [watch here] Performing such hits as "Killer," "Onslaught," "Pump It Up" and even their new "Woodstock Hip Hop," the supergroup even paid tribute to Michael Jackson. [watch here

J-Hood – Says Slaughterhouse Is A Bunch Of Snitches

Slaughterhouse – "Killer" + "Onslaught" (Live)

Slaughterhouse – "MJ Tribute" + "Fight Club" + "Boom" (Live)

Slaughterhouse – "Pump It Up" + "Woodstock Hip Hop" (Live)