Slaughterhouse Talks Charles Hamilton

Slaughterhouse Talks Charles Hamilton

    Royce Da 5'9 and Crooked I, members of the supergroup Slaughterhouse, recently talked about what they think of freshman rapper Charles Hamilton. [watch here] "My whole thing is, he needs to keep doing his thing," Crooked I
explained in an interview. [watch here]  "The dude is a real talented guy. The
Internet will try to cue you up. You gotta be wise to how you move
online but on some real sh*t, the dude could be one of the most
talented emcees that we got in our game today. And I appreciate him
inviting me to be on his album 'cause I think I was the only feature on
his album so I really appreciate that. The dude is mega super talented
no matter what nobody say." [watch here]

    "I like Charles," Royce added, who dissed Charles Hamilton in his "Redemption" freestyle. "I ain't got no hatred in my heart for him, it's just, I had to show him I was willing to stick up for my city. Still wasn't a big issue." [watch here]

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