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Slaughterhouse Talks Passing On Beats

Posted By on August 5, 2010

      Slaughterhouse recently spoke about issues with beats like Crooked I passing on Tupac's "How Do You Want It" and Joe Budden having to give up "I'm a Hustla" and "Bring 'Em Out."

      "I had 'How Do You Want' [by] Tupac [with] my first record deal when I was a kid and I passed on it," he explained. "I've got a theory about that. I've passed on a lot of hit records that came out the way. I've passed on a lot of hit records that Snoop [Dogg] did, but my theory is the direction I'm taking [my rap] into, it might not have been as big of an impact…just because [Tupac] went double platinum on 'How Do You Want It' as a single doesn't mean that that would've been the case for me. But I definitely heard it, I sat in the office at Virgin [Records], and I was like 'Nah, I'm cool on that.' Two months later, two million copies sold."

      Joe Budden went on to talk about how beats like T.I.'s "Bring 'Em Out" and Cassidy's "I'm a Hustla" were initially supposed to be his songs.

      "I've had joints that I've two-tracked and wanted to purchase but [Def Jam] would not let me," he said. "I did T.I.'s 'Bring 'Em Out' like a year before [his version] came out, and Cassidy's 'I'm a Hustla'. Both of those beats I was really, really, big on and thought that something positive could come out of them, and Def Jam said 'Man, get the fuck out of here. We're not doing all that.' And that was that with that [situation]."

Slaughterhouse – Talk About Passing On Beats