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Slaughterhouse Talks Adding Southern MC

Posted By on August 21, 2009

    Super-group Slaughterhouse (made up of New Jeresy's Joe Budden, Michigans Royce Da 5'9, New York's Joell Ortiz and California's Crooked I) recently talked about adding a southern emcee to their group. [Slaughterhouse Talks About Adding Southern Emcee – Watch Here] Stating that T.I. and Lil Wayne would be at the top of their list, the group talked about what they thought of a southern emcee joining the team.

    "This sh*t is like a strategically built together puzzle," Royce said. "The puzzle could only fit four pieces…There's a lot of n*ggaz from the South that can spit. If I want just straight up lyricism, then it would have to be a T.I. or a Lil Wayne. If I wanted to go based off of Ol' G status, and who I personally like, I would say Bun B. I mean he supports n*ggas. He's been supporting n*ggas since day one. He's a real n*gga, not to say Lil Wayne or T.I. aren't, but like I said, to me, there's just more that goes into just straight up spitting. Yeah Lil Wayne and them n*ggas could spit." [Slaughterhouse Talks About Adding Southern Emcee – Watch Here]

Slaughterhouse Talks About Adding A Southern Emcee