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Joell Ortiz Isn’t Holding Shady Slaughterhouse Deal

Posted By on September 1, 2010

     Although Joell Ortiz is currently in contract negociations for his solo deal, his manager says that he isn't holding up the Slaughterhouse deal with Shady Records. According to Ortiz manager, Mike Heron, says there are no hold-up's on his end.

      "There's a lot of rumors going around about how we're jammed up, or we're jamming up the Slaughterhouse deal," Heron said in an interview. "I think [this story] helps clear that up, as well. Joell is 100% free to sign with Slaughterhouse at Shady. We are 100% free to do whatever we want as far as Slaughterhouse is concerned."


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