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Slick Rick Wins Case

Posted By on November 4, 2003

Rick “Slick Rick” Walters won his court case & has been issued a waiver preventing his deportation. Walters served 5 years & 12 days for attempted murder in 1991.

He was re-arrested on June 1 of 2002 & held without bail in Bradenton, Florida, due to a technicality in the law.

“We always knew our arguments had merit,” said Alex Solomiany, Walters lawyer, from his office in Miami. “The government was determined to deport Rick, but we were just as determined to keep him here.”

Walters spent 17 months in Federal prison after it was ruled that he deported himself, when he performed on a boat cruise with the Tom Joyner Morning show.

The INS initially ruled to deport Walters, but the decision was overturned on December of 2002.

Walters is expected to be released shortly.
Source: All Hip Hop