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Slim Thug Hits CNN To Discuss The Meaning of “Thug” [video]

Posted By on January 16, 2014

Slim Thug Hits CNN To Discuss The Meaning of “Thug” [video]

The word “thug” has long been used to shed negative light on people and a lifestyle. Texas rapper Slim Thug sees it in a completely different way. Slim recently hit CNN to debate the word and has some interesting takes on the word .

Slim Thug opens with an interesting point.

“It’s deeper than just being an entrepreneur because when I say from nothing, I mean like from nothing for real—Momma not there, Daddy not there, and you looked at as a thug because of how you look,” the rapper said. “You might have saggy jeans on and you come from the hood so you not dressed as sharp as the other kids and you always looked at as a thug, from family to strangers, everybody looking at you like you’re about to steal something from them because of  how you dress and how you look. And for you to come from that to being successful, we call that—coming from nothin’—we call that thugging.” (CNN)

Slim goes on to say that the general consensus of the word being attributed to a detrimental lifestyle is simply a different way of viewing the word and the world.

“At the same time, I do do all that and I do hang around those type of guys, that’s what environment I was raised in,” he added regarding carrying a weapon and spending time with alleged criminals. “I was discriminated against so much because of how I look and how I dress so I wanna show the other kids who came up where I came up [that] just ‘cause I had braids and a grill with tattoos everywhere, it don’t necessarily mean I’m fittin’ to try and snatch your purse.”


Check out the full debate below: