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Slim Thug Says Biggie Isn’t In The Top 5

Posted By on October 21, 2010

      Slim Thug recently listed his top five rappers of all time, in his opinion, ranking them from the late Tupac to Lil Wayne. Although he admires Notorious B.I.G., Slim Thug doesn't think he did enough to be considered in the top five.

     "Tupac, his music is so meaningful; you know what I'm saying. With him, it wasn't just about music. He had so much feeling in everything he did. That's like, my favorite rapper of all time; that's Tupac! Jay-Z, him being alive, I got so much respect for him as an artist, you know what I'm saying. For him to be so consistent, and for him to still be the top rapper in this generation–dude is like 40 years old and he's broke all kind of boundaries…See, I like Biggie. I think he jam or whatever. But, I don't think he put out enough music to be [considered] the best ever. He only put out two albums, due to him losing his life. And I'm from the South; I'll put cats like, Scarface, on the list." (All Hip Hop)