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Slim Thug Says Let Kat Stacks Go (Video)

Posted By on December 30, 2010

     Texas rapper Slim Thug recently spoke about the possible deportation of locked up professional groupie Kat Stacks and why his one-time twitter rival should be let go adding the humor she brings to the game…

"Free Kat Stacks man, she's funnier than a motherf*cker man," Slim said in an interview. "I like Kat Stacks. It's not like I'm trying to f*ck her, you know what I'm saying? On Twitter, she's funny as f*ck. I ain't never f*ck her or nothing like that. Be clear. She tried to get at me a few times, I ain't with it. It's just funny though. I always say it's like watching 'Punk'd.' Everybody know what she do, she gonna blast you, you know what I'm saying, if you f*ck with her, she's gonna blast you. But motherf*ckers still try. You know what I'm saying? I think some people do it just for the attention. How could you be mad at her? You should be mad at the motherf*ckers who fall for it, you know what I mean, if anything. So, I enjoy watching it. It's like watching 'Punk'd.' I hope she don't get deported so we can see her f*ck up a few more rappers' life. That sh*t's funny. It's funny man. It's entertainment." (Vlad TV)

Slim Thug – Talks About Kat Stacks