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Snoop Blasts O’Reilly; 50 & Eminem Got His Back

Posted By on October 5, 2009

     Snoop Dogg, and ever other rapper, doesn't like Bill O'Reilly (and we don't blame him). In a recent interview, Big Snoop gave his fans an update on the issues he has with the controversial talk show host (and hater of rap) even saying that 50 Cent and Eminem have his back. Snoop says that Mr. O'Reilly is scared of him. "I went so motherf*cking hard on that n*gga he scared of me," Snoop said in an interview. "He don't wanna see me on a battle on T.V. with conversation and cameras and he d*mn sure don't wanna see me in the hood, n*gga — he left me the f*ck alone. And I got friends like 50 Cent and Eminem, you know, so I got powerful friends who can get at his motherf*cking a** without him even knowing it. They can do that." [Snoop Dogg Goes Off On Bill O'Reilly – Watch Here]

     In related news, this isn't the first time that Snoop Dogg went off on Billy. In a past interview Snoop said "F*ck Bill O'Reilly. I would love to go on his show, but we'd have to do it in my neighborhood, in the ghetto. Yeah, so I can kick his motherf*cking a** when the show is over." [Snoop Hates Bill O'Reilly – Watch Here]

Snoop Dogg Goes After Bill O'Reilly

  • Ryan Yarnevich

    Lol, this was so long ago. Glad to see those wack ass prosecutors get their bull$hit prison quota.