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Snoop, Akon Keep Mood Light On ‘I Wanna Love You’ Set

Posted By on December 6, 2006

LOS ANGELES — Conversations on the set of Akon's "I Wanna Love You" video covered everything from beautiful ladies to the Earth's axis.

"Hip-hop runs the world," Snoop Dogg, the video's co-star, said as he stood next to 'Kon. "If you take hip-hop out of the world right now, it's boring. You can take country music out, you can take rock and roll, all the different music out, and the world will keep revolving. But if you take hip-hop out …"

Just then, his words were interrupted by an assistant producer who, walkie-talkie in hand, was calling the duo back in front of the cameras.

"See how they try to interrupt us?" a smiling Snoop said to Akon.

"Shut up," 'Kon added, faking as if he were talking into the walkie-talkie.

With several beautiful women walking around and Snoop and Akon sharing such a mutual admiration toward one other, the mood on the set of the video was very light. As Snoop put it, they enjoyed themselves as they worked.

"He came out the door smashing," Snoop explained as to why Akon is blowing up. "The first time you heard him, he was coming with it. It's a pleasure for me to be getting with him. We both have the same love to make good music. Our spirits connect. It's not about being so serious where we not having fun making music. We havin' fun."

Akon said he had to run into one of Snoop's recording sessions to get him to jump on "I Wanna Love You."

"We kept bumping into each other in clubs. I'd be like, 'Yo, Snoop, we gotta work, we gotta work,' " Akon said, beginning to explain how the collaboration materialized. "Opportunity rubbed our schedules kinda crazy. So I rushed Snoop one day while he was working on [Tha Blue Carpet Treatment] and played him the record. He smashed it in a couple of minutes. And this is what you have."

"Remember you was saying, 'Gimme one verse?' " Snoop chimed in regarding the session. "I gave you a verse [and you were] like, 'Nah, do another verse.' "

"He smashed the first verse so crazy, I was like, 'I need another verse,' " Akon added.

'Kon said Snoop relaxed him by bringing a bevy of lovely women into the studio.

"You know I have to have the environment right," Snoop said. "I had to bring a secret garden. We need inspiration when we make a record such as this one. I would like to thank all the beautiful ladies. We need to keep our minds and bodies occupied while we stimulating this music."

"I Wanna Love You" has already reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. The song is at #3 on the Billboard Pop 100, but Akon has only himself (OK, and Beyoncé) to blame for that: His song "Smack That" (featuring Eminem) is at the top of the chart.

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