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Snoop Discusses New Album, Songs With Puff & More

Posted By on January 7, 2008

There's no contest, according to Snoop Dogg: He can sing way better than his close friend Diddy. "Right now, I got Puffy by a couple of notes," he smiled. "I think Puffy can just sing alto and tenor. But I can sing alto, tenor and soprano. I can sing any note." Snoop's singing on "Sensual Seduction" has won everybody over, hands down. It's the first single from his next LP, Ego Trippin', due in March.
"There will be a couple of more songs where I express my R&B feel," he described of the album. "It feels good and sounds good. It's no stretch. I've always been singing melodies and riffs, but never no whole song. I've been making all kinds of songs, but I've never done anything like how I done [with 'Sensual Seduction']. I'm trying to mix it up and bring a variety of different looks [on the project], but there will be those type of Snoop songs you love."

The new song was written and produced by Shawty Red, who's most known
for his work with Young Jeezy. "I initially wanted do a record where
it's just based on me," he said about his original concept for the
album. "But through the time making this record, I have a few guest
appearances on here. The Ego Trippin' part is that I have allowed other
artists to write songs for me. 'Sensual Seduction' was written and
produced by Shawty Red from Atlanta. I usually don't accept songs from
people. I do my own writing. I usually be ego tripping. [On this
album], I'm trippin' to a certain extent, but I'm not."

The Dogg names producers Pharrell Williams and Teddy Riley as the LP's
main contributors. "Pharrell is always going to be involved with what I
do," he said. "Teddy Riley had the music game in his hand for 12 years
straight. He knows how to create the atmosphere for a great artist and
a big event. I feel like I'm a big artist and keep my albums in the
classification of a big event. For me and him to work together, it's
gonna be like Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson working together on that
Thriller album."

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