Snoop Dogg Coach of the Year

Snoop Dogg Coach of the Year

Snoop Dogg was honored named Coach of The Year for his commitment to his football team, The Snoop Dogg All Stars, which consists of 7-10 year-olds.

The Ricky Williams Foundation and Pop Warner Little Scholars honored the rapper at a ceremony that Snoop hosted. The banquet also honored the players’ achievements.

Snoop spent the day with the youth prior to hitting the road on a heavy touring schedule this summer.

Snoop chaperoned his team on a bus ride across the country to The Ricky Williams Celebrity Pop Warner Football Game, in Houston, Texas, the day before Super Bowl XXXVIII. The team squared off against Ricky Williams’ Texas Pride and defeated the team, 24-16.

During the trip, Snoop treated the team to the Johnson Space Center, the NFL Experience and practice with the New England Patriots.

Source: All Hip Hop

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