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Snoop Dogg Extends To India, Has Royal Fans

Posted By on February 18, 2008

Big Snoop Dogg never stops expanding his appeal. His latest project was to collaborate with the popular Indian rap trip "RDB" (Rhythem Dhol, Bass), on their new single. The song was produced by RDB and will be the title track for a movie starring Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar. Snoop doesn't stop at just the song, he will also be in the video which will be shot in March. Snoop says he plans to take over Bollydwood with a new dance. RDB has worked with other American artists in the past such as Yuckmouth and Elephant. Last year they released a mixtape called "Asian ROC" which featured hits from Jay-Z in an Indian-style.

Snoop's international appeal doesn't end in India. He recently found out he had the huge fans, Prince William and Prince Harry. Snoop talked about being liked by the Royals yet being banned in Britain by saying  "the young generation supports me but the old generation doesn't understand." "When the old guys pass away," Snoop Dogg continued, "the new guys are going to take over and pass a law that says: 'Snoop Dogg can never be banned from our country.'"

  • Ryan Yarnevich

    Lol, this was so long ago. Glad to see those wack ass prosecutors get their bull$hit prison quota.