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Snoop Dogg Plans Two New Mixtapes With DJ Drama

Posted By on June 2, 2008

    Snoop Dogg plans to get into the mixtape game, old school like. "Let's take it back to the old school. Let's take it to Union Square." Snoop said of his new mixtape with DJ Drama. "It's gonna be a mixtape with just me and Drama," Snoop continued, "I feel mixtapes are losing their essence. Mixtapes means mixing, turntables, records. Not CDs, computers — you understand. Go back to the element of mixtapes where it all started, where it all began."

    Snoop is also finishing a Gangsta Grillz mixtape for Tha Dogg Pound and their new affiliate, Terrace Martin. "That was something that was overlooked a lot. The South wasn't really getting their respect," the Dogg said. "Now the South is highly respected, and DJ Drama was one of the backdrops to it from his mixtapes and the stuff he does. I felt like putting him with Tha Dogg Pound could only bring that boost to the West Coast and show that love and show that unity. He's the king of what he do, we the kings of what we do — why not bring both worlds together? We're gonna take a few beats from artists who really didn't rap on their beats how they supposed to. Then we gonna put some new music down, and we gonna do what we do."

  • Ryan Yarnevich

    Lol, this was so long ago. Glad to see those wack ass prosecutors get their bull$hit prison quota.