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Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Talks Female Rappers, Pharrell, And More With D.L. Hughley

Posted By on November 7, 2014

Snoop Dogg hit up The D.L. Hughley Show recently, and they discussed a wide variety of topics. One of the more interesting moments was when Hughley asked Snoop his thoughts on the most disappointing thing about the rap game. His answer might not be what you think.


“That a female emcee don’t get the respect that she deserves,” Snoop responded. “It’s more about what she look like then what she sound like.”

Snoop also elaborated on how he’s been able to stay relevant all these years.

“I treat everybody with love and eye to eye,” Snoop Dogg says. “That’s why they call me ‘Uncle Snoop’ now instead of ‘Just some old rapper.’ I always treated them with love and respect. No matter how big he was I always looked at him eye to eye. The younger generation could always appreciate me…I love Hip Hop.”

Peep the full interview below:


  • Ryan Yarnevich

    Lol, this was so long ago. Glad to see those wack ass prosecutors get their bull$hit prison quota.