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Snoop Dogg’s Dirty Plea Agreement

Posted By on October 12, 2007

Snoop was sentenced to three years probation and 160 hours of community service last month for felony possession of a dangerous weapon and now he knows where he will be fulfilling the terms of his plea agreement.

Big Snoop Dogg managed to avoid any time behind bars by striking a plea deal in a weapons case he caught last year. In the incident the rapper was found trying to board a plane at John Wayne International Airport with a collapsible baton in his luggage.

According to the LA Times, Snoop will be picking up trash and cleaning toilets at an undisclosed Orange County park as well as donating $10,000 to the Orange County-based Right Talk, a children's charity that works with troubled youth to comply with his plea deal. Deputy District Attorney Andre Manssourian said yesterday (October 11) that he gave Snoop a list of options available to defendants ordered to perform community service, with him choosing to serve his agreed upon time in Orange County. Snoop will reportedly be a part of a larger crew, which will be supervised by a park ranger.

"I pointed him to a website of places that were all probation-approved," said Manssourian. "He picked the place. And once you pick the place, the job description is set in stone."

Snoop was apparently restricted from working with certain groups including gangs, children or his nonprofit youth football league to fulfill his obligation "because the spirit of the community service offer is for him to do the work in a manner in which he isn't glorified in the eyes of children," Manssourian told the court.

The felony count for which Snoop was charged can be downgraded to a misdemeanor after one year, granted that he not fall into further legal trouble and complete the terms of his probation.

  • Ryan Yarnevich

    Lol, this was so long ago. Glad to see those wack ass prosecutors get their bull$hit prison quota.