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Soulja Boy preps New Album The DeAndre Way

Posted By on January 20, 2010

   Soulja Boy has stayed busy since the flop of his last album iSouljaBoyTellem. In a new video blog Soulja Boy discusses his upcomming album The DeAndre Way (playing off Al Pacino movie title ‘Carlitos Way’, as did Fabolous with his Loso’s Way).

“[I’m] in the studio, recording my new album, I should be finished with it in like two weeks,” Soulja Boy said in a blog video recording. “My first single should be hitting the radio. Make sure y’all request that ‘Pronto,’ me and Snoop [Dogg], request that ‘Bingo’ [with] me and Gucci [Mane]…and my first single is coming in two weeks. So be on the look out for that…It’s 2010, I got signed in 2007, so it’s three years now, officially, my third album finna drop. Everybody who ever bought any of my music, everybody that ever bought any of my albums, appreciate it. And we about to get ready to do it again. And I’m also headlining my own tour this year, 2010.”

   Last month while in the UK Soulja Boy was on the Tim Westwood radio show and talked about the new album. Stating how Kanye West has already produced and completed three songs with him. In past interviews this year Soulja Boy discussed the idea of recruiting high profile artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z, Eminem.

“Maybe after I put [Lil] Wayne on this album and we make something historical, me and Kanye work together and make something historical, and me and Drake spit something hot as h*ll together, I think that’s what’s going to determine the future — I think I have a better chance of getting Eminem on my album than Jay-Z. I don’t know nothin’ about Jay-Z, but I’m affiliated with Eminem ’cause we on the same label and I know a lot of people that know him.”

Soulja Boy 2010 Blog #1 Discussing New Album The Deandre Way

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