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Soulja Boy Gets Year Of Probation & Fine

Posted By on February 5, 2010

     Teen-age rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has reportedly been sentenced to a year of probation for evading arrest last fall. According to multiple reports, Soulja Boy was also hit with a fine he will have to pay. The story goes that Soulja Boy ran from the Henry Country police after they raided a home in Georgia where he was filming a video. Soulja Boy apparently returned to the scene moments later.

     Soulja Boy was hit with a $1,000 fine and sentenced to a year of probation for the incident that took place back in October. Known to the government as DeAndre Cortez Way, Soulja Boy can be seen in a police handout photo that was released shortly after.

     In related news,  Soulja Boy will soon not just be a teenage rapper, but a
teenage writer. Reports are now going around that DeAndre is in the
process of writing and releasing a new book titled "Teenage Millionare." Soulja Boy
has already wrote the new book in which he talks about being a young
man with a lot of money. Set to be released on his birthday (July 28,
2010), the new book will be the first venture into books for the "Crank
Dat" rapper.


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