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Soulja Boy Unexpectedly Announces He Will Be Going To Jail Soon

Posted By on February 17, 2014

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy made an unexpected announcement to his fans via social media over the weekend. Soulja was very brief with his statement, but he has started counting down the days before he will be going to jail.

Although the details are very scarce, Soulja announced he will be going to jail in less than week on his Twitter account.

Soulja Boy’s manager Miami Mike claimed one of his clients neighbors planted a gun under his car seat and he got the blame for it about a month ago.

But Soulja’s manager, CEO Miami Mike claims a neighbor left the gun under the car seat and Soulja had no idea it was there. Further, he claims Soulja never admitted the weapon was his, and only told cops he owned the car. Mike claims officers told Soulja someone had to take responsibility for the weapon — but insists Soulja never copped to the gun … just the vehicle. We’re told Soulja believes the whole search was illegal because cops didn’t have probable cause. But here’s the thing … according to law enforcement sources the gun was in plain view — in which case officers wouldn’t need a search warrant. (TMZ)

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