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Why Does Soulja Boy Have Yung Berg’s Chain?

Posted By on February 26, 2010

     JBar, long-time associate of rapper Soulja Boy and his SODMG group recently sat down to talk about the picture that shows Soulja Boy Tell Em wearing fellow rapper's Yung Berg's "Transformers" chain. Saying he will give the real story, JBar says that Soulja Boy and his grew did not rob or steal the chain from Yung Berg like many rumors had stated.

     "We ain't got no problems with Yung Berg," Bar said. "We had got the chain up off of somebody else who had the chain. So we were just holding that sh*t. We just got it from somebody who had it so we were like, 'Ah sh*t!,' we didn't want that sh*t floating around no more so we just holding on to it until he trying to get it back. Yeah [I know what it looks like,] I know people looked at it the wrong way but people were probably thinking 'They weren't thinking when posting them pictures' but it wasn't nothing like that though. We ain't robbed that dude or nothing. Right, no beef no beef."

Soulja Boy With Yung Berg's Chain

J Bar – Talks About Soulja Boy Wearing Yung Bergs Chain



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