Soulja Boy Talks Working At Burger King

Soulja Boy Talks Working At Burger King

     Soulja Boy recently opened up about his past, before he became the teenage rap superstar that he is now. "When I was working at Burger King, I actually had m*ther f*ckers coming up to me like 'Soulja Boy' and I was like 'what the hell'," Soulja Boy said of his past.

     "After I got booked for my first concert, which was off myspace, I had made more money in one night than I had made my entire life…so I was like 'f*ck Burger King'" Soulja Boy explains quitting his job at the fast food spot that he says his aunt even managed. The teenager rapper goes on to talk about his aunt calling his music "stupid" and "retarded" before he got signed.

     Soulja Boy Tell Em finishes up by telling his fans "don't let no m*ther f*cker tell you what you can or can't do, I don't care if it's your momma or your aunty."

Soulja Boy – Talks About His Beginnings, Working At Burger King


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