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Soulja Boy Tell Em Sued For A Million Dollars

Posted By on May 18, 2011

     Teen-Age rapper, Soulja Boy Tell Em is now facing some trouble as promoters say he cancelled a show and left them in the hole. The Atlanta, Georgia rapper, along with his record label Interscope and Myspace Music, is being sued for $1 million dollars for a canceled concert that was set to take place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in December of last year.

TrinCity Entertainment, and it's owner Joseph Sheldon Brewster, filed the lawsuit against the three defendants after they all agreed that Soulja Boy would perform on December 10th, even paying an advance of $16,250, $8,000 in marketing expenses plus $3,500 for the bus transportation. After they tried to cancel due to a conflict in H awaii, the defendants did promise to pay $10,000 to promote the new show but TrinCity says MySpace paid to late leaving no money to promote the rescheduled gig. On top of everything, the lawsuit says Soulja Boy kept his $16,250, when it should have been returned. They are seeking $1,000,000 in damages for unjust treatment and breach of contract.


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