Soulja Boy Teams Up With Kanye West?

Soulja Boy Teams Up With Kanye West?

    Soulja Boy, or Soulja Boy Tell Em (I can never get it right), plans to team up with Kanye West to produce some new beats. "I know a million producers that are no-names, but they got hot beats," he said in an recent interview. "I will be going back in the lab to produce beats on this album, I really haven't produced since my second album, but I'm looking forward to doing a 50/50 split beat with Kanye West. I think that'll be hot because he's a great lyricist, but an awesome producer as well. I feel like I'm an awesome producer too, and both of us in the studio together at the same time can come out with a smash."

    In related news, today Soulja Boy released his new video for "I Got Mojo" [watch here] In addition to the new music video, Soulja Boy also recently appeared on "The View" [watch here] television show.

Soulja Boy – I Got Mojo


Soulja Boy – On "The View"


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