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Soulja Boy Gets Weezy, Kanye & Snoop For New Album

Posted By on June 9, 2009

    Soulja Boy is already talking about his next LP he's calling "The DeAndre Way" album. The teen rapper says he's already worked with Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West for it. "I done worked with everybody that I wanna work with so far," Soulja Boy said at the recent Summer Jam event. [watch here] "But going into my third album, I already got Lil Wayne on deck. I just hollered at Kanye when I was in Cali[fornia]. Working with Snoop Dogg. Me and Kanye, it's just an honor to work with him. He done been in the game so many years even for him to be under Jay-Z. And if I get a chance to work with Jay-Z and Kanye that'd be crazy, way out on another level." [watch here]

    Speaking of Mr. Carter, Jigga recently talked about Soulja Boy's music saying "He makes records that are fun, he's 17 or 18 years-old." Jay-Z went on to say "What are you gonna talk about, selling drugs? He can't talk about that, that's not his experience. So anything he says about that will be not authentic and people who really live that type of lifestyle would see through it…I can see why people like it, no, I can't listen to the Soulja Boy album. I can listen to that 'Swag On' record…I think he's honest. People shouldn't be mad at people being honest." [watch here]

Soulja Boy – Gets Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg For His Album

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