Soulja Boy Talks Deleting His Twitter Account

Soulja Boy Talks Deleting His Twitter Account

      As we reported yesterday, Soulja Boy Tell Em's twitter account disappeared over the weekend…. Now the teenage rapper is denying that he actually deleted it. Souja Boy says that he changed his account and even had it verified to show it's authenticity.

     Soulja Boy says that he, again, didn't delete iti but rather wanted to change the username (from @SouljaBoyTellEm) then have it verified"Shoutout to all the media sites that posted I deleted my twitter becuz of a dumb a** trending topic lol basic asses thanks for the promo," Soulja said in one of his new tweets. He was referring to the trending topic of #ifSouljaBoysARapper which led to such posts as "then Windows 7 was really my idea" and "Stephen Hawking is a triathlete."

Soulja Boy – Talks About Never Deleting His Twitter


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