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Souja Boy Talks About All His Collabs

Posted By on August 3, 2009

    Soulja Boy recently talked about working with Drake on a new record and how Drake's recent injury has postponed their song. [Soulja Boy Talks Collabs And Drake Injury – Listen Here] Beyond Drake, Soulja Boy also hinted about other artists he's working with. "N*ggas just been hitting me left and right like 'Soulja I need you on a track,'" he said in an interview. [Soulja Boy Talks Collabs And Drake Injury – Listen Here] "I just did a song with Lil Kim, the remix for 'Download.' Me, her, T-Pain and The-Dream. Me and Snoop Dogg doing a joint we got together…Me and R. Kelly got a song…I got a song I'm working on, me and Drake was supposed to go out in the studio man. But he fell, he fell on-stage last night, so, hopefully we still gonna get it in. You know what I'm saying? He cool, but I don't know man. He took a pretty bad fall." [Soulja Boy Talks Collabs And Drake Injury – Listen Here]    
    In related news, Soulja Boy broke news about working with Drake during a radio interview. "Drake is a real dude," Soulja Boy said. "Most rappers, they don't like to give the other rappers props.They be hating on the next man and he showed me my respect. Drake is a good artist. I just got through chopping it up with him before [Lil] Wayne went on stage. We got a song coming too. We've been in the studio. I got the studio bus actually on the road, the whole tour. So I'm recording my third album, The DeAndre Way, it drops November. I'm recording my album while we're on tour. So y'all can look out for the Soulja Boy [and] Drake collaboration."

Soulja Boy – Speaks On Drake Injury

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