Soulja Boy & Fabolous Hash It Out

Soulja Boy & Fabolous Hash It Out

      Keeping their promise to DJ Clue, rappers Fabolous and Soulja Boy confronted one another during a live radio interview last night (September 8th). According to reports, both artists came to an understanding on the show.

      "I thought that he was taking shots at me, when it was just jokes. It was a misunderstanding, a mis-communication," Soulja Boy said on the radio on Wednesday night. "I'm about making money."

       Fab spoke on how much buzz their dispute created. "We're not trying to make a LeBron special…we smoothed it out and back to the money," he said. "I know people thought it was going to be a [Manny] Pacquiao fight, but we sat down like bosses." During the interview, DJ Clue said that the pair had exchanged information so that there would be no more misunderstandings.

      Before it all went down, 50 Cent said the two had to made a truce. "Soulja and fab kicked it they cool now aint no more beef you c*ck suckers have a nice day lol"


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