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Soulja Boy Tweets On Recent Arrest

Posted By on October 13, 2009

    Soulja Boy recently gave a little insight into his recent arrest letting fans know exactly what he was doing the night he was charged with obstruction of justice. Taking to his twitter Monday (October 12th), Soulja Boy wrote "Releasing the music video for ‘Gangsta Muzik’ later on tonight," he wrote. "This is the video shoot I got arrested at. Stay tuned."

    Beyond that, Soulja Boy hasn't said much about the arrest. After he was released from the police, he tweeted "I just wanna put this behind me! I’m not going back to jail! Let’s focus on the BET Awards!" Shortly after he even tweeted his mug shot along with the message “Even in jail my swag was turnt up." After a recent awards show, Soulja Boy told reporters that he couldn't talk about it. "Man, I can’t really comment on that, ‘cause I ain’t went to court yet… and my answer could affect the case,” he told MTV. “I just wanna thank all my fans for supporting me through it. I ain’t going back. I’m out, it’s good."

  • Mzuark

    I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead. But this movie made Biggie seem like the biggest piece of shit.