Soulja Boy Talks Landlord Issues & Jail Time

Soulja Boy Talks Landlord Issues & Jail Time

    Soulja Boy Tell Em is now addressing his recent problems over his luxury apartment in California where they say he owes close to $10,000 in unpaid bills. Beyond his issues in L.A., Soulja Boy also talks about his arrest last week for obstruction of justice after he ran from the police at a video shoot. Hours after news broke yesterday (October 14th), the teen rapper took to his YouTube account to show off his wealth. [Soulja Boy Shows Off His Weath – Watch Here]

    "Got d*mn breaking news shawty," Soulja Boy said with a camera focused on his jewelery. "Man they said Bugs Bunny died today shawty, they said I stole all the carrots from that n*gga shawty. He couldn't eat bruh, look at all this sh*t. N*gga talking about 200 on a Soulja Boy chain, 150 on The World Is Yours [chain], 20 stacks on every ring, 50 stacks on every watch, 250 on the Lambo [pendant], 150 on the S.O.D. [chain], I don't even know how much the Louis cost, I don't know how much the Gucci cost, I don't know how much that Louis cost, n*ggas wanna put my plaques on the wall, man. Gang, gang gang, S.O.D. n*gga. So much jewelery n*gga, show 'em the S.O.D. chain. Then I f*ck around and open the, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. They took me to jail, I told my n*gga, 'Yo, just go to my crib and just get one of these out, bruh and come get me outta jail bruh.'" [Soulja Boy Talks Landlord, Bills and Recent Arrest – Watch Here]

Soulja Boy – Talks Landlord, Talks Jail Time


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