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Soulja Boy Preps New Album, Shoes and Animated Series

Posted By on October 20, 2008

    Soulja Boy had a hit with his first album "SouljaBoyTellem.com," now he is trying to repeat the success with his next album "iSouljaBoyTellem." Although Soulja Boy doesn't seem to be too creative with his album titles, his 2nd album, that hits stores on December 16th, will include production from Mr. Collipark, Polow Da Don and of course Soulja Boy himself. SB says that he is "more than ready" to put out the new album, continuing “I know my fans are ready too.”

    Soulja Boy is also expanding his reach in the business industry saying "I have so much more in store this time around with a shoe and clothing deal, an animated series and some special surprises I can’t talk about yet.”  After  racking up 5.3 million ringtone downloads and 300 million views on YouTube, Soulja Boy signed a deal with Yum Shoes  to design his own line of sneakers. In November, Soulja Boy will launch his new animated Series  on his website.

    In related news, Soulja Boy is trying repeat the success of his first dance hit with his new "Bird Walk" [listen here]. In a recently released video [watch here], Soulja Boy instructs fans how to do the dance he calls the "Bird Walk" [watch here].

Soulja Boy – Bird Walk Instructional Video


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