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Soulja Boy Talks New Album & Coppiers

Posted By on October 31, 2011

     Soulja Boy recently spoke about his upcoming album, its features and artists who copy him. Check it out below.

Drizzy [ Drake]. Me and Drizzy. We definitely going to drop something. Definitely Busta Rhymes, Lil B,” Soulja Boy said. “I mean there’s artists out there, but its like, shit got dry in the last few years. N*ggas be trying to sound like me and shit. I listen to a hit, its like ‘Okay it’s a hit, but it sounds like me. Every time I do something they copy it,” Soulja Boy said of competitors. “I mean its cool, it makes me bigger and shit. But it’s just like… Once you do so much copying, I can’t do me then.” (complex)


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  • Mzuark

    I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead. But this movie made Biggie seem like the biggest piece of shit.