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Soulja Boy Talks Maturing In Hip Hop

Posted By on December 1, 2010

     Soulja Boy recently spoke about maturing in the hip hop game over time and how his sound has grown since he first broke into the business in 2007. The teenage rapper says working next to some stars helped him develop his writing.

"I was in the studio with Kanye [West] and [Kid] Cudi, in New York, I was in the studio with 50 [Cent] out in Cali, I was in the studio with studio with Snoop [Dogg], I worked with Boi-1da and he came through and dropped like 75 beats on my hard drive. I was writing through my whole process, I was using a perspective, and I was writing on a Boi-1da beat and I just really sat there and thought about how I wanted my listeners to view that 'Speakers Goin Hammer' [which] is a single that he produced and it's crazy because I just shot a video like two weeks ago in Cali and I saw a edit, like rough cut from that so, I think that is going to be dope." (All Hip Hop)


Soula Boy – Interviewed By The Wall Street Journal


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