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Soulja Boy Says He Does NOT Love Kat Stacks

Posted By on December 3, 2010

     After he made some sarcastic comments regarding how he feels about professional groupie Kat Stacks, which included the words "I love her," Soulja Boy wants to make sure that everyone knows not only that he was speakiang sarcastically but he does NOT love Kat Stacks. After he made the jokes, Soulja Boy says there has been on stop rumors going around.

Soulja Boy Clears Up The Misunderstanding
"Man, h*ll nah! H*ll nah! I'll clear that up, man — I was just joking around. I was being sarcastic. And I guess the radio interview person was like, okay, he wanna be sarcastic [so] I'ma make him look like a a**. And that's just what that was. But nah, I don't love that b*tch."

     So what exactly did Soulja Boy say that got him into all of this mess? Well read for youself…

Soulja Boy's Sarcastic Jokes About Kat Stacks
"They're taking my baby away and they don't want me to see her no more," he said in an interview. "You know when you love somebody, you gon' argue. You know what I mean? You gon' have arguments. I meant what I said. She's all of that and more. Scum of the Earth. That's my baby, though, and I love her. I don't have love for her, I love her." (KYSDC)

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    I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead. But this movie made Biggie seem like the biggest piece of shit.