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Soulja Boy Says His Tattoos Are Real

Posted By on December 4, 2009

    Soulja Boy Tell Em has come forward to talk about new rumors that claim some of his tattoos are fake. The teenage rap superstar took to his twitter account to let all his fans know that his tattoos are NOT temporary ink, rather they are 100% reall. "Just to clear it up b4 it goes any further," Soulja Boy wrote Friday (December 4). "All the tats on my body are 100% REAL I guess the lights were to bright at the [Chris Brown] concert..But thanks for the promo Mediatakeout! :)" [Chris Brown Brings Out Soulja Boy In Atlanta – Watch Here]

    Soulja Boy is responding by a report by the gossip website Media Take Out on Friday (November 27th) that said "FAKE TATS???? RAPPER SOULJA BOY HITS UP CHRIS BROWN CONCERT . . . TAKES OFF HIS SHIRT . . . AND SURPRISE SURPRISE . . . NO TATS!! (PICS SHOWING HIM WITH AND WITHOUT TATTOOS)" [Soulja Boy Appears On The View TV Show – Watch Here]

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Chris Brown – Brings Out Soulja Boy In Atlanta



Soulja Boy – Appears On The View Television show

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    I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead. But this movie made Biggie seem like the biggest piece of shit.