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Soulja Boy’s Alledged Baby Mama Releases Photos To Prove He Is The Father

Posted By on December 27, 2013

Rapper Soulja Boy was recently accused of being the father of a five year old boy, and now legal documents have been filed. TMZ is now reporting that a woman named Shantaniece Mackey claims Soulja Boy is definitley the father of her son.

According to reports, Mackey filed legal documents saying Soulja is only one of two men she had sexual relations with when getting impregnated. The other man is of mixed race and the baby is not.

 “Diamond Shantaniece Mackey claims in legal docs — obtained by TMZ — there was only one other guy she slept with during the critical time period … he was of mixed race and her kid isn’t.” (TMZ)

Now, Mackey has decided to release photos to prove the rapper is in fact the father of her child, including a photo her straddling him back in 2007.

 “The woman claiming Soulja Boy fathered her kid has some hard evidence he’s the daddy … including pictures of her straddling Soulja.” (TMZ)

Check out the photos of the two below:




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