Boi1da Talks Low Sales For Soulja Boy

Boi1da Talks Low Sales For Soulja Boy

     After Soulja Boy's new album "DeAndres Way" only sold 13,000 copies its first week in stores, producers for the album have come forward to talk about why.

"I don't think they pushed that project out properly," Boi said about the album's 13,000 first-week sales. "Personally, I couldn't even find the album in stores. [Albums released by] Rihanna and Justin Bieber was all in front of the store, and they had Soulja's all the way in the back somewhere. The average fan is not going to go dig in the back of the store for it. It should have been in the front with the rest of the new releases. I don't think his numbers have anything to do with him falling off or anything like that, but it just wasn't placed properly. All the people that I know that were on the album too, said the same thing." (VIBE)


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