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Soulja Boy Digs Deeper Hole – “Nas Killed Hip Hop”

Posted By on December 30, 2008

    In an attempt to stay relevant, Soulja Boy recently released a video [watch here] where he says Nas killed hip hop. "Real talk, the n*gga that killed hip-hop was Nas," Soulja Boy says in the video [watch here]. "He came out publicly and said, 'Hip-Hop is dead,' and then after that everybody started saying hip-hop is dead. 'Cause think about it, if Nas would have never said hip-hop is dead, then motherf*ckers would have never thought anything about it." [watch here]    
    Soulja Boy went on to dig himself a bigger hole saying "He probably wasn't feeling how the music was going. He came out and killed everybody's money. He killed his own career with that sh*t. He shoulda thought about that sh*t though." If that wasn't enough, Mr. Crank Dat finished by saying "You see how George Bush f*cked up America, it's the same way Nas did with hip-hop. N*gga came out with Hip-Hop Is Dead and f*cked up everything. But you see how Lil' Wayne came right back and sold a million albums in a week and proved Nas wrong." [watch here]

Soulja Boy – Says Nas Killed Hip Hop


  • Mzuark

    I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead. But this movie made Biggie seem like the biggest piece of shit.