Soulja Boy Wins Rap Battle

Soulja Boy Wins Rap Battle

Soulja Boy Tell Em might just possibly dropped his hottest lines ever in a recent Rap Battle vs Supa Hot Fire. Soulja Boy stars in the recent popular parody video called “Rap Battle 5” by the comedian Mr Deshawn Raw. It is the fifth video from Deshawn Raw in the Rap Battle parody series.

Mr Deshawn Raw is Chris Rock’s new online comedian protege and in his last Rap Battle Parody defeated Chris Rock in a Rap Battle.

In the current Rap Battle 5 parody Supa Hot Fire (played by Deshawn Raw) who was undefeated gets challenged by the former internet superstar Soulja Boy. They begin to battle but as soon as Soulja Boy starts spitting things start going wrong for Supa Hot as the crowd erupts at the fire Soulja Boy starts spittin.

Watch Soulja Boy Rap Battle vs Supa Hot Fire:

Watch Rap Battle Parody 4 vs Chris Rock:

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