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Spice 1 Details Upcoming Album With MC Eiht; Recalls Working With Tupac

Posted By on April 11, 2014

While speaking with HipHopDXrapper Spice 1 detailed his upcoming album,Haters’ Nightmare”. Spice also discussed working with Tupac and doing a project with Compton legend MC Eiht.


Me and MC Eiht are working on a new album,” Spice 1says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “We just talked about that, so look forward to us doing some new songs and doing the new album. We been talkin’ about doing that for years, but we just actually said, ‘Let’s do it,’ so we gonna get it in. While I’m out here [in Los Angeles] we’re gonna at least get a few songs in, name the album, get the shit together ’cause I know the fans lookin’ for it. ” (HipHopDX)

“I’m planning on getting Twista, all the members of Bone [thugs-n-harmony], Tech N9ne and Busta Rhymes all on one album and we all just spittin’ crazy, doin’ crazy ass-shit. That’s why it’s called Haters’ Nightmare cause it’s a fuckin’ nightmare to these haters. So far I got Layzie. Me and Layzie Bone got a video. It’s called ‘Sidelines’ out there on YouTube and VEVO. Then me and Flesh is on the album, on the same song. ” (HipHopDX)


Spice 1 went on to describe working with Tupac as one of the funnest times in his life/career.


Those were some of the funnest times of our lives cause we were at the highest point,” Spice 1 says. “I’m #1 on the Billboard and Tupac was in Juice. We was just the hottest shit movin’. That was my dude. We did ‘Jealous Got Me Strapped,’ we was hangin’ just having a lotta fun, a lotta laughs and shit.”

“[Recording ‘Can’t Turn Back’], we was ridin’ around and he was like, ‘You always get high and go to sleep nigga. Quit fuckin’ goin’ to sleep in the studio and shit,’” Spice 1 continues. “I’m like, ‘Man I don’t get high and go to sleep. You got me fucked up.’ He come back like, ‘Nigga, I bet you you gonna get high and go to sleep.’ So we get into the studio and we record the verse to ‘Can’t Turn Back’ and by the time I started my second verse, I was sleep in the booth. And he came in the booth and he’s like, ‘Nigga I told you you was gonna go to sleep. Wake up.’ He knew me pretty well. He was really my nigga.” 



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