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Stat Quo

Stat Quo Talks Dr Dre & Aftermath

Posted By on January 6, 2009

    After leaving Shady/Aftermath, Stat Quo hasn't hesitated speaking about why he left and his previous labels. In a recent interview Stat says

    "If you don’t want to put an album out you should sign to Aftermath but if you want to actually put a record out you shouldn’t. You know what Aftermath is good for? It’s good for artist development. They develop artists good but as far as putting product out, I wouldn’t advise any artists signing over there. Look at it. Marsha is at Aftermath. Is there any question that Marsha is dope? There’s no question that she’s dope. Where’s her album? It ain’t coming out! She’s already been successful with Floetry. It ain’t even coming out. It’s not even rap. It’s some other shit. Bishop Lamont, is there any question that Bishop Lamont is dope? No! That’s why Busta Rhymes isn’t on there because that album wasn’t going to come out over there. 50’s going to come out because 50 can. Em can."

    Stat went on to say…

    "People think Dre don’t be on the internet. He’s on the internet and he sees the comments and it scares the shit out of him. Yeah, he’s rich and he’s got a lot of money but he’s reading the comments."