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Stat Quo

Stat Quo Completes Statlanta with Dre and Game

Posted By on February 11, 2010

   Stat Quo has said he has completed his long anticipated album ‘Statlanta‘. He alerted all his fans via twitter:

“Statquo Mastering is done, Statlanta is 100% DONE!!! The credits will be turned in today and thats it. I will have my release date this week!!!”

Now that the album, Statlanta is done Stat Quo is not going to take any breaks as he quickly tweeted hours later.

“Mixtape time!!! I got a few beats im ready to hop on….. “

Along with the weet hie sent in a picture [photo 1] of a bunch of them in the studio, including The Game, Dr. Dre, Stat Quo, Haze, Sly and more.

In late 2008, Quo, left Shady/Aftermath Records and since then has linked up with G-Unit producer Sha Money XL and his new record label, Dream Big Ventures. It is assumed that Statlanta will be released on this label.

Stat Quo Sleeping at Dr Dres Soundboard after Statlanta Completion