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Stat Quo

Stat Quo Works With Dr Dre On Detox

Posted By on March 12, 2010

     Stat Quo recently talked about working with Dr Dre on his long-awaited "Detox" album. "It's definitely gonna come out," Stat said. "I always said it was gonna come out in 2010 light years ago. I also at one point thought it would never come out. Being around Dre and the energy that's being created, all I can say is that it's incredible. It's totally left-field from what's going on — I really appreciate what he's doing as an artist. Even though from the outside looking in, if I'm other people, I'll be like, 'What's taking him so long?' But it's gonna be worth every second, every hour, every minute. Every week, every year we waited for the album."

     "The songs I've heard since I've been around are all really special," he continued. "It's so important to hip-hop that this record comes. It's our saving grace. A lot of the radio stations are going rhythmic and going away from certain types of urban music. You can only go to contemporary station to get certain soul-type music. The whole platform is changing. An album like his can bring a boost to the music that's going on."

     "When it was time to put a record out, the powers that be [at Interscope] that keeps the lights on at the company was like, 'We need either a 50 Cent or a Dr. Dre or an Eminem record," Stat tells. "So I had to make the decision: 'OK, it's time to leave.' We parted on good terms. Initially when I first left, I was upset because I wanted to put my album out under that umbrella. At the end of the day, my relationships with Dre and Em is still intact and it's all good."

Stat Quo – Talks Working With Dr Dre On Detox



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